Destiny 2 Concealed Void Lost Sector Guide

The Concealed Void Lost Sector is a very difficult area. It contains tons of enemies and a boss at the end. You will need Overload and Barrier to survive the section. You can get some nice upgrades if you make it through the whole area. Once you finish the Concealed Void Lost Sector, you can move on to other parts of the game.


The Concealed Void Lost Sector is one of the toughest areas in Destiny 2. It is populated with a lot of enemies, and it can be quite challenging to survive if you’re not prepared for the long distance combat. In this area, it is best to bring an Overload or Barrier to deal with the enemy waves. You’ll also want to bring a weapon that can break shields. Several good choices include Scout Rifles, Arbalest, or Linear Fusion Rifles.

This Lost Sector is a good place for a Hunter to test out the Gunslinger’s abilities. He has a powerful add clear, and Solar Ignites deal ridiculous damage. He can also use the Blade Barrage to heavily damage the final boss. Those looking for a more balanced weapon can also try the Sunbreaker. Its Radiant damage buff, ample health regeneration, and Synthoceps melee damage buff will make it a great choice for hunters.

The Concealed Void Lost Sector is in the middle of the difficulty scale, but it is not the most difficult. In fact, it only requires three minutes for Legendary players to complete. This means that it can be very effectively farmed and completed in a reasonable amount of time. Another advantage of this sector is that it doesn’t have a Master variant, so you can farm the Exotics that you want and save precious time.

Overload Champions

The Concealed Void Lost Sector is a large area that’s packed with enemies and Overload Champions. A good build to tackle this area is a Solar 3.0 build such as a Synthoceps Titan, Sunbracers Warlock, or Young Ahamkara’s Spine Hunter. These builds will benefit from the Solar burn modifier and are excellent against Void and Arc shielded enemies. There are also a lot of Overload Champions that make it a good place to farm.

Hunters can also try a Gunslinger for this section. It has great health regeneration and the ability to add clear. Blade Barrage deals a ton of damage to the Champions, making it a great weapon to deal with the final boss. The Sunbreaker can also be very effective in this sector due to its Radiant damage buff, ample health regeneration, and Synthoceps melee damage buff.

While fighting overload Champions, it is best to use your Primary enemies to take out the rank and file enemies. This will save your energy to deal with the Champions. Once you’ve eliminated these enemies, you can start focusing on Overload Champions in the next sector. The Overload Champions will spawn near Wretches and Explosive Shanks, so you can pelt them with Heavy to take them out.

When completing the Lost Sector, you can choose to play it on the master or platinum difficulty. You can also choose to fight every Champion enemy in the platinum difficulty, which increases your chances of getting Exotics. Master difficulty also increases your base drop rates. Aim for a Power Level of 1510 or higher to unlock the Legend or Master lost sector.

The best way to deal with Overload Champions is to get a weapon that can stun them. The Gjallarhorn is a good weapon for most activities in Destiny 2 but is less reliable against Overload Champions than a Parasite. It is next to impossible to one-shot a Barrier Champion using this weapon, so you will need a weapon with an Overload stun. Also, the Gjallarhorn’s ammo economy is not the best. For this reason, you will need to use an ammo finder mod.

In addition to using Overload Champions in the Concealed Void Lost Sector, you can also use Shields in the zone. Solar shields can be used on Heavy Shanks and Void shields are useful when fighting Servitor enemies. It is also worth keeping in mind that the Solar shield spawns after the boss fight, so it is best to kill him before the Servitor spawns.

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